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The team at Ovation Heartwood Preserve is dedicated to creating an active adult lifestyle village during this new chapter of your life. We are committed to serving you and offering opportunities designed to inspire your individual interests and desires.

Nicolette Merino President

Nicolette has been with the Avamere Family of Companies for 10 years as a Regional Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations for the Community-Based Care line. She was then appointed as the first Division President of Ovation.

As part of the Avamere Family of Companies, Ovation is Avamere’s culmination of 25 years of experience in the long-term care profession. This innovative brand includes assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities.

Ovation is incorporating the best of Avamere while being innovative and dynamic. Nicolette’s focus is on knowing what our consumers want and meeting those expectations. This aligns with the company’s mission: “To enhance the lives of everyone we serve”. Every resident, every family member, every employee, and our surrounding community.

As Division President, Nicolette brings 26 years of knowledge and experience in the long-term care profession. She earned her Master of Public Health degree in 2004 from Rutgers/UMDNJ.

Her opportunities from her humble beginnings as a Business Office Manager to serving as Chair for the National Center for Assisted Living gave her a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections. Through her unique experiences, she has built professional relationships and gained insight into what has and hasn’t worked for others in the field.

She has also had the opportunity to mentor and train others throughout the years. Nicolette measures her success in building tomorrow’s leaders, and she enjoys seeing them grow professionally.

Nicolette enjoys spending time with her husband and four children who hold a special place in her heart.

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Donna Riedl Donna Riedl Community Relations Director Ovation Heartwood Preserve

Donna Riedl has spent decades helping people, whether as a dental assistant, youth campus minister, or any other number of opportunities that she’s met with open arms. Now celebrating 10 years helping older Americans discover their best retirement living options, she enjoys making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

“Ovation has brought a luxurious active retirement community to Omaha,” Donna stated through a warm smile. “I was drawn to Ovation in large part due to our mission statement, to enhance the life of every person we serve.”

Ovation Heartwood Preserve offers lovely spacious apartments with high-end finishes, as well as Ovation Connect. This innovative, tablet-based system allows residents to manage heating, lighting, daily community interactions, scheduling, and communications with friends and family.

Donna’s after-work passions include spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling, visiting wineries, and do-it-yourself projects.

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Roxann Rogers Meyer Community Relations Coordinator

Roxann Rogers Meyer will be putting decades of industry experience, as well as years in radio, television, and advertising to work for the residents of Ovation Heartwood Preserve. She looks forward to helping families and individuals start the next chapter of their ongoing story as well as being a part of their transition to an active lifestyle village.

“I was drawn to Ovation because of the organization’s mission statement, to enhance the lives of everyone we serve,” Roxann said with a quick pause. “That aligns with my personal core values.”
Ovation Heartwood Preserve offers security, wellness programs, multiple gourmet eating establishments, and the chance to explore the surrounding community packed with shopping, dining, entertainment, and walking paths.

Roxann enjoys traveling, as well as the arts, theatre, and music. She and her husband attend as many of their son’s classical guitar performances as they can and continue to watch with pride as their daughter takes over the family’s optometry practice.

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